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Product info

We make nature toys for cats and dogs, from rabbit fur, paws, ears and tails. We buy the parts from the breeder and pick them up directly at the butcher. These animals have had a wonderful life and are bred and slaughtered for the sake of the meat, and fur and paws are just waste for the breeder but great toys and toothbrushes for cat and dog. We started by making this toy because everything you can buy in stores is made of plastic and with leashes and long elastics that the cats can eat, and as you know it is not good ... Everything is completely fresh, handmade and 100% organic, which does not hurt if the cat eats it. Yours sincerely Gitte Pedersen & Kim Ballegaard

Storage info

Toys that are not in use, must be stored in the freezer.

toys that are in use, must have a time out in the freezer once every 3 weeks for 

48 hours, this keeps them fresh and free of furmites.

Have fun and good hunting